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Company Overview

Dostyar General Trading Company Inc, a company with global capability and reach, is a minority owned, all- inclusive, secure logistics company headquartered in the United States. Our core ethos of Competence, Capability and Compliance assists our clients in achieving their business objectives through the successful coordination and application of our logistics capabilities and principles.

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Technical Services

Dostyar leverages its extensive experience, technical logistics applications, detailed methodology and highly trained management personnel, to achieve all of our clients goals and solutions. Dostyar offers unmatched flexibility to problem solve with specialization in:

Logistical Solutions

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    Secure Logistics

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    Disaster Response

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    Emergency Management

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    Worldwide Reach

Project Management

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    Open-Source Intelligence

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    Protective Services

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    Investigative Services

Shipping yard

Industries We Serve

  • Department of Defense
  • Department of State
  • Local and State Government
  • Corporate Sector
  • Expeditionary Services
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Private Sector
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Dostyar Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide seamless and reliable logistical services in most situations and varied environments, while striving to meet and exceed client expectations.

Dostyar’s vision is to meet and exceed client expectations by providing exceptional value within the logistical marketplace via our value-added features and proven processes and procedures. We aim to anticipate future trends, methods and applications of emerging logistics and transportation technologies. Dostyar invests capital, time, assets and ideas to broaden the scope of possibilities, ensuring we remain ahead of industry curves. This vision is the compass by which our strategies are developed, resulting in a focus and commitment to our business, our clients, our employees and the communities we live and work in.